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Processing Citizenship at the Institute of Communication Science in Paris

Those of you who happen to be in Paris on June 7th, and are interested in an STS/sociologie de traduction take on data infrastructures used in migration management, are very welcome to join us at the Institut des sciences de la communication CNRS / Paris-Sorbonne / UPMC

The talk is titled “Processing Citizenship. Digital registration of migrants as co-production of individuals and Europe” and introduces the “Processing Citizenship” project (ERC StG No 714463) in the context of my broader research trajectory, the “Vectorial Glance”.

After some literature discussion on the performative relationship between information technology and state formation, the lecture will try to translate the performative, historical argument to contemporary governance reordering. If historically information infrastructures for people processing have contributed to the formation of the most powerful techno-social assemblage for knowledge handling – the nation-state, how do contemporary data infrastructures for third-country national shape the European order ?

Entry is free, more details on the ISCC website:

Mercredi 7 juin 2017, 17h30 à 19h

Institut des sciences de la communication
20 rue Berbier-du-Mets, Paris 13e
Métro 7 « Les Gobelins »