What the media say

September 2016



September 2015

Interview to Annalisa by Marloes Van Amerom on the digitalization of governmental data, UT Nieuws Magazine September 2015, pp.36-37.




18 November 2014

Op-ed (with Rob Hoppe) on Binnenlands Bestuur on the necessity to make controversies visible in order to increase the odds of success of large-scale infrastructural projects (in Dutch)



31 October 2014

Interview at Radio Cittá del Capo / Radio Popolare on the Dutch parliamentary commission on failing ICT projects (in Italian)

1 March 2011

Review of the book Augmented Urban Spaces (including of my article “Stretching the Line into a Borderland of Possibilities”)on The Mobile City




11 February 2010

My invitation at the 2010 Convention of Creative Industries Styria


15 September 2009

Review by Radmila Radojevic for the Master in New Media and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam, of my PhD book Tracing back Communities: An Analysis of Ars Electronica’s Digital Communities archive from an ANT perspective, 


November 2006

Annalisa’s workshop on video production and direction for “La Cittá Creativa”


27 January 2006

What remains of the Tea Time Sessions organized by V2 Rotterdam




4 February 2004

The Orpheus&Eurydice performance at Transmediale 2004, Berlin. Production Orfeo TV-Telestreet




Press release of the first edition of the Mauro Wolf Prize on the Social Effects of Media.

Annalisa was close-second winner.



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