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How can information systems de facto rearrange boundaries between the Public and the Private, at the very micro level and
Identification at the border has usually been conceived of as a matter of bilateral and unmediated relationship with the State,
The COVID-19 pandemic invites a question about how long-standing narratives of alterity and current narratives of disease are entwined and
Noortje Marres and I have recently published on Information, Communication and Society two cross-reviews of our recent books. You can
The COVID-19 pandemic requires reconsidering the relationship between data and invisible populations as a form of de facto civil inclusion.
A shorter version of this commentary is published as Pelizza, Annalisa. (2020). Blame is in the eye of the beholder:
Annalisa's new article, a foundational contribution to the Processing Citizenship ERC project, has just been published open access by Science,
How to conceptualize online sociability in the 21st century? To answer this question, Communities at a Crossroads looks back at
And here we are, ready with the first publication by Processing Citizenship. The project’s PI, A. Pelizza, has indeed contributed
Data acquire meaning through circulation. Yet most approaches to high-quality data aim to flatten this stratification of meanings. In government,