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New interview on UT Magazine
I recently had the lovely opportunity to discuss with Marloes van Amerom about the possibilities and risks of digitization of
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The art of choosing the right spokespersons
“Therein resides uncertainty. The innovation which succeeds is the one which comes to master it by choosing good speakers”
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Administration and Society
New article on ICT failures in government published in Administration and Society
A new article by Rob Hoppe and me – “Birth of a Failure” is now out on Administration and Society!
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New article on the ‘Vectorial Glance’ published in Science, Technology and Human Values
My new article “Developing the Vectorial Glance” is now out on Science, Technology and Human Values!
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My writings archive online
It is eventually online the “Writings” section, where most articles I have written since early 2000s are archived.
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Greek euro
Alexis Tsipras and that principal scene in Brussels
I translate here an article by Ida Dominijanni published on Internazionale on July 15 2015. It argues that on Sunday
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Giuliano Scabia
We’re walking into the sunset on the water, very slowly. Knowing that time does not exist and only eternity exists,
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