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Taking the Measure of Europe
C’est toute une culture technique qui doit se développer pour faire comprendre l’importance, le coût et l’intérêt de la “mesure”
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Latour on post-facticity (2004) – Were we all constructivists wrong?
“he danger would no longer be coming from an excessive confidence in ideological arguments posturing as matters of fact—as we
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Il Sole sulle cattedre Natta
Essendomene occupata in precedenza, riporto di seguito un articolo del Sole24Ore sulle cattedre intitolate a Natta. Non lavorando nel sistema
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2016 ERC Starting Grants results are out – and so new generations of researchers
On September 8 the results of the 2016 ERC Starting Grants have been published by the European Research Council. The
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Che fine hanno fatto le Cattedre Natta?
Che fine hanno fatto le c.d. “Cattedre Giulio Natta”? Mi riferisco al Fondo per il reclutamento eccezionale di professori universitari
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Cover expert report
Expert evaluation report of EU 7th FP for Research just published
The independent experts’ evaluation report on the EU’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has just been made publicly
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“Reshuffling the State” in Denver
If it wasn’t that same Friday 13 November 2015 that will be remembered for the Paris killings, I might say
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Making visible the invisible
Post by barebot about a recent interview by S. Sassen to Radio Popolare, chatting about expulsions and predatory formations. From
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Popenici on European universities’ mediocrity
I report here some excerpts from a brilliant post appeared on Stefan Popenici’s blog. It questions the role of academies
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German chancellor Angela Merkel
Is “Morality” redesigning Migration?
“Since the beginning of the euro crisis, Europe became part of the moral problem, not part of the solution. This
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