Annalisa Pelizza interviewed by Scienza in Rete

“Fostering two-ways mobility and recognizing that scientific research is facing deep transformations throughout Europe and the Western world. Researchers should avoid invoking an Italian state of exception, and contextualize their issues at least in the broader European framework”. These  priorities have characterized the presentation by Annalisa Pelizza at the “Scientific Research: a National Value” conference (in Italian).

The meeting was organized at the National Research Council venue in Rome by Gruppo 2003, the association gathering highly cited Italian scientists, with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and Scienza in Rete, the Council’s patronage and an award by the President of the Italian Republic.

The conference involved four high-level presentations about the value added, potentialities and constraints of conducting excellence as well as diffused research in the Italian research system. Scientists, academic leaders and private sector research executives followed with their analyses, triggered partly by the previous presentations, partly by their own experience.

Before the meeting, Annalisa Pelizza was asked to present Processing Citizenship in an interview to Scienza in Rete (in Italian). Scienza in Rete is an online editorial project developed by Zadig and shared with Gruppo 2003.